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The Many Benefits of Spending Time with Nature and Camping

We have much to be thankful for when we reflect on the advancements that technology has afforded us. Convenience is perhaps the best descriptive term for our present time because every innovation is geared towards creating it. The nature of our work is moving farther and farther away from requiring any manual input, meaning we work more with our minds than our bodies. But while we are appreciative of this, we cannot forget that where we came from. Before concrete jungles, full-size SUVs and iPads, we were a simple lot. The connection our predecessors shared with nature was incredibly strong. The picturesque landscapes, the rhythmic buzzing of critters and whistling of the night winds brought to them a sense of calmness that has since been forgotten. The phrase ‘getting away from it all’ has been inspired by nature. If you haven’t spent time with the outdoors recently, you are missing out.

A Date with Nature

Spending a couple of days in nature nourishes the mind and the body. It separates you from the bustle of everyday life and reintroduces you to a simpler world where beauty, mystery and adventure abound. There is a state of mind that you can only achieve when you are alone with nature. There is this sense of tranquility that you get that cannot be equated to anything else. It cannot be simulated in a modern environment. It can only be experienced when you are in the outdoors. It is one of those highly cherished benefits of being outside. But it’s only a tip of what is a giant iceberg.

The many advantages of camping

A good way to soak up nature and all its glory is with camping. It’s a fun activity, and arguably the best way to spend time outside. There are so many camping sites available, and if you are a wild one, you can set up along your hike, or trail. A diverse range of camping tents are available too, in different sizes to accommodate you, your family, and your luggage. Some tents are built for temporary use. They are light and easy to set up, while others are semi-permanent, such as canvas tents. These are ideal for those who plan on spending longer amounts of time with nature. But we digress.

The other benefits of spending time with nature include:

Spending time with family- Camping provides a conducive platform for reinforcing those ties that bind. Without the distractions of television and computers, a family is able to engage in talk, and conduct different activities together. Such activities help bring them closer. If you are one to spend little time with your family because of a busy career life, camping provides a perfect solution where you can offer your undivided attention to these people that matter most in your life.

Learning new skills- Time with nature helps children become aware of their surroundings. They can be taught basic survival skills, and learn how to appreciate their environment. Older children can pick up on essential life skills in the most subtle ways.

Getting rid of stress- When you spend enough time with nature, you start appreciating the fabric on which it is woven in. You realize that you are just a small part of this existence, and this helps you downplay some of the stresses you might be facing. It helps you unwind and shift your energies to that place inside you that happiness stems from.

Encourages activity- With camping, you have to get your hands dirty. Incorporating hikes ensures you get a proper workout, which benefits your body.

There is really no downside to spending time with nature, so try to incorporate that into your plans sometime this year.

Samuel Yen is a writer who has passion for travel. He has traveled a lot all across the globe and also shared his experiences in his writing.

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