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Know Your Workers' Compensation Rights

Know Your Workers Compensation Rights 300x199 Know Your Workers' Compensation RightsNot all states in the U.S. require employers to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance for the protection of their employees. In some states, employers with more than a certain number of employees must carry Workers’ Compensation insurance, while in other states, payroll size is the determining factor.

In states where Workers’ Compensation insurance is required, there must be a notice detailing Workers’ Compensation coverage posted in the Human Resources Department of those companies. Once an injured worker fills out a claim form for work injuries and gives it to the employer, the employer is required to notify their insurance carrier immediately.

All of the states that require Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage have varying coverage types, terms and benefits. However, these benefits, terms and coverage types cover the same scenarios. These include medical treatment, disability benefits and vocational rehabilitation.

Medical Treatment:

In Workers’ Comp states, employers are required to provide medical care at no charge to their injured workers. This treatment may be provided by a physician or facility that the employee has designated previously or an employer-designated medical provider. In most states, after the first month of treatment, the employee may switch treating physicians if he or she is not happy with a doctor.

Temporary Disability:

The employer’s insurance carrier is required to pay an injured worker temporary total or temporary partial disability benefits during the time that the injured worker is unable to work. There is often a three or four day waiting period prior to the payment of temporary total and temporary partial disability benefits. It is illegal for an employer to terminate an employee because a Workers’ Compensation claim has been filed.

Permanent Disability:

After the employee has healed from his or her injuries, the level of permanent disability is rated by a designated government official. Depending upon this rating, the employee is then paid a permanent disability award.

Vocational Rehabilitation:

In Workers’ Comp states, an employer is required to accommodate an injured worker by returning that employee to his or her regular job. If the employee is physically precluded by the doctor from doing the same kind of work, the employer must provide either a modified work environment that will accommodate the employee or notify the insurance carrier that the employee is eligible for vocational rehabilitation services.

Some states give a cash payment to the worker for retraining expenses, while other states have set rehabilitation vendors who test and refer the injured worker out for vocational training.

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Hayley is a freelance blogger. She recommends the law offices of Dwight W. Norton & Elmer G. Gibbons, III if you or someone you know is searching for an expert workers compensation lawyer in New Orleans.

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Top 16 Things To Do In The Gold Coast With Family

Add up 70 kilometers of beautiful coastlines, the biggest range of attractions on the Southern Hemisphere and 100,000 hectares of World Heritage rainforest. What do you get? That’s the gold coast for you, the blessed land where there’s warm sunshine, 300 days a year.

Walk the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk: Walk over the canopies of 30 acres of magnificent rainforest. Observe rockpools and tumbling creeks from above, at the Tamborine Mountain Eco Centre.

Visit Sea World: Stroke a stingray, get up and close to dangerous sharks, and watch the Gold Coast’s enchanting marine life via transparent glass.

Visit the Carrara Markets: Queensland’s biggest, permanent market. Enjoy activities such as face painting, fire throwing, pony rides, carnival rides and so on. Entry and parking are free.

Visit Dream World: There are more than 40 rides and attractions. Don’t miss Wiggles World, Big 7 Thrill Rides, Tiger Island and the wildlife sanctuary with over 500 native Australian animals.

Visit the Kingston Park Raceway: Take your family go-karting in Australia’s most technically advanced Go-Karting & Amusement venue. There are over a 100 karts on the 3 race tracks to enjoy.

Visit Luke’s Reptile Kingdom: The largest collection of Australian reptiles ever seen in one place. There are 3 interactive, informative shows every hour that are not to be missed.

Enjoy a Jet Boating Adventure: Enjoy some great wakesurfing, 360° spins, high speed drifting, and “beach buzzing” in very less water close to the shore. Nothing could be more exciting than that!

Visit Thunderbird Park: Mount Tamborine perfect nature’s playground. Go bush walking, ride horses, and go fossicking at Thunderegg mine and participate in Australia’s biggest ropes and adventure course.

Visit Timezone: Australia’s largest indoor entertainment center with more than 350 games and indoor attractions including laser skirmish, mini golf and much more.

Visit Tropical Fruit World: Learn about Australian fruits, go on plantation safaris, jungle riverboat cruises, go on fruit-tasting tours, enjoy mini-train rides, and explore the treasure island and fauna park.

Visit the Wax Museum: This is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest wax museum with figures of famous people, royalty and explorers all in authentic costumes, along with a Chamber of Horrors.

See Glow Worm Caves: Visit the Cedar Creek Estate and watch how the glow worms light up the cave at the Cedar Creek Estate Winery in Tamborine Mountain.

Visit the WhiteWater World: A unique beach with its own beach and surfing culture, with some terrific water slides and beach activities for families.

Go on a Jet Ski Safari: Explore the beautiful gold coast coastline and inland river pathways on jet skis. Jump ocean waves on jet skis with your tour jet ski tour operators. Kids love it.

Explore the Hinterland: Explore the amazing trails, marvelous coastlines and the lush green hinterland on bikes or foot. Visit wineries, breweries, cheese cottages and taste the local produce.

Visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: Let your family enjoy walking over 27 hectares of spectacular forests, inhabited by 1,400 species of Australian wildlife – mammals, birds and reptiles.

David Rudolph works for Adrenaline. He is a passionate writer, and takes every possible opportunity to write on his favorite subject – Exploring Australia

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