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All You Need to Know About APS – HP BladeSystem Solutions [2010]

While some certifications are taken generally by IT professionals, this particular examination is designed for service technicians working for HP (Hewlett Packard) and its channel partners. HP is an IT company based in California, USA. It is known to provide services, products, solutions, technologies and software to various types of consumers.

Certification Overview

Basically, this kind of certification is targeting all Service Technicians employed by HP and its partner companies. This certification focuses on the hardware support aspect and specifically designed for field repair engineers. The tasks associated in this field are installation, fundamental troubleshooting, configuration, repairs and verification of HP Certifications BladeSystemproduct operations. Through proper training and education, an aspirant can become familiar in all troubleshooting tasks related to the various products of HP BladeSystem.

Prerequisites and Requirements

To become an APS – HP BladeSystem Solutions [2010] certified, several requirements should be satisfied and qualifications should also be met such as the following:

  1. Examination – This is referred as the first prerequisite for the certification. Any aspirant should take the HP2-T16 exam, which is associated with HPES course. Alternatively, a candidate may also take the CompTIA server test combined with a third party certification. Depending on the examinee, he can choose in any of the two options.
  2. Operating system – This is second prerequisite needed and candidates can choose from a list of operating system courses. Some of the courses include third-party operating systems like Novell and Microsoft, CSA-HP-UX 11i and others.
  3. Networking – This is the last prerequisite needed and candidates can choose from CLE, CCIE, CISCO CCNP, Oracle Certified Expert and others.
  4. Core requirement – Aside from the first three prerequisites, a technician should also pass the HP2-T19 exam, which is known as Servicing HP Blade test.

Basically, a candidate should pass one core requirement and possess three prerequisites.  Therefore, a total of four examinations should be completed and passed before one is considered a certified HPBladeSystem service technician.

Preparing forAPS – HP BladeSystem Solutions [2010] Certification

Just like any other examinations, there should be an intensive preparation and training for it. Aside from hands on training at work, candidates should also secure some reference materials as an aid during review.

  1. Reference materials – Fortunately, you can easily find review materials in bookstores and through the internet. It is quite easy to search for references online; however, free manuals are onlimited versions. With that, it is best to get paid materials to get the full version of it. Alternatively, you can also buy books and review materials from bookstores and specialty shops.
  2. Crash courses – If you are not comfortable with selfreview, you also enroll in a “crash” or short course related to your future exam. For APS – HP BladeSystem Solutions course, a student can learn the following topics: BladeSystem benefits, model, installation and identification of components, setting up the BladeSystem, related modules and anything related to this product.

Taking a certification exam may take a lot of time, resources and effort. But, instead of dwelling on these difficulties, it is best to think on the future benefits that you can get. Once you have passed the exam, you will definitely enjoy the prestige and perks associated with the job.


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