Top Walking Holiday Destinations in Europe


Europe has always been a haven for hiking and trekking and why won’t it be? After all Europe has some of the most breathtaking landscape in the world. Get immersed in the wild scenery or take a stroll down the scenic villages, enjoy the friendly climate or explore the wonderful attractions, you will surely have a great time in Europe. Below mentioned are the top walking holiday destination in Europe.

                                                                         walking 300x199 Top Walking Holiday Destinations in Europe

Dingle Way, Ireland

Spread across 179 kms and housed in the south-west of Ireland, The Dingle Way is one of the popular hiking trails in Ireland. This route is one of over 30 Irish long-distance walking trails that begins and ends in Tralee and is completed in eight days. While walking down this trail you will get to see plenty of archeological sites, green fields and foothills.

Walking tour of Amsterdam

Go on a walking tour of Amsterdam and enjoy the scenic views of the city. A walking tour of Amsterdam will take you through countless of amazing sights. Do check out the De Transvaal Seche Boer at Gasthuismolensteeg 20, it is a popular small cornet house that is built at a piece of land that belonged to the former mayor Cornelis Benningh Jan Duvensz. Those who want to book cheap flights to Amsterdam, they should do it bit early, as it helps in getting discounted airline tickets.

Morea, Greece

Wear your rugged shoes and get ready to explore Morea. Popular among hikers and trekkers, this magnificent area is primarily represented by the Taygetos and the Parnon mountains. Those who love vegetation and wilderness they should not forget checking out the pine, oak and olive trees. While at Greece, do check out the alluring vineyards and the ancient ruins of the great Corinth.

Alsace Wine Trail, France

With its route crossing from the Alsatian vineyards from north to south, Alsace Wine Trail is undoubtedly France’s most prolific route. This route is 170 kms long and it gives the perfect opportunity to mix wine trails and walking areas. While walking down this route you will also get to see the alluring geraniums, medieval churches and plenty of more attractions.

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Travel down to Swiss Alps in Switzerland, this path is a popular hiking trek that is part of the Alps mountain range. While at Swiss Alps you should definitely check out the Monte Rosa that is located at the height of 4634 meters. Enjoy the snow-covered mountains or go for walking trails of the historical landmarks of the city, this place surely has something for everyone.